About Us

Partners Leigh Goodwyn and Leigh-ann Sprock of Charlotte, North Carolina, launched LeighDeux in 2013 after Goodwyn’s oldest daughter had difficulty sourcing chic bedding in the XL twin size.

The two Leigh’s quickly realized there was a demand for upscale dorm furnishings. Recognizing the challenges of living in a small space, they set out to create a collection that would prove functional, as well as capture the essence of a professionally designed space. The two shared a similar vision and were both drawn to a global and vibrant palette.

Their eponymous collection pronounced (Lee-Do), was originally conceived for students living on campus, but is now being adopted for everyday home! The chic and globally inspired textiles meld color with global whimsy and are designed exclusively for LeighDeux. Staying true to their southern roots, their soft goods are manufactured in the Carolinas. All of their products are sourced in the USA.

The Deux-o behind LeighDeux decided that it was not enough to launch a product line of soft goods and accessories, they wanted to build a brand that stood for something more. They want to help reinvigorate the textile industry in the Carolinas, create jobs and give back. With those goals in mind, LeighDeux decided that a portion of their proceeds would go to fund scholarships for deserving students. Their mantra is simple, deck a dorm, prep a mind!

Goodwyn and Sprock, both mothers of teen-age students, feel they are at the perfect point in life to tackle dorm décor and more! They believe creating a space that fosters comfort, stability and success are key to helping students make a life changing transition.  The LeighDeux philosophy translates beyond the dorm into everyday life!


LeighDeux is committed to building a brand that is made in USA.

  • We support local commerce and are dedicated to bringing jobs and prosperity to America.
  • We believe there is a growing appetite for domestically made goods and want to be a part of the movement.
  • We encourage American values and strive to create American success stories.
  • We proudly stand for quality and believe Americans make some of the highest quality products in the world.
  • Our soft goods are designed and manufactured in the Carolinas.
  • Our furniture and accessories are made in the USA, primarily in the southeast.

When LeighDeux was created, there was a desire to build more than just a profitable business. LeighDeux wants to empower other women to do the same. To that end LeighDeux has created a scholarship fund using a portion of every sale. Our mantra is simple, deck a dorm, prep a mind! Please follow LeighDeux as we grow! Once the scholarship fund is fulfilled, LeighDeux will open up the application process.

LEARN MORE           on the LeighDeux YouTube Channel.