Textile Design Challenge Registration LeighDeux

Textile Design Challenge Registration



Participation is open to professional textile designers as well as students of college-level art, textiles, and design in North America. There is $45 entry fee per design and students may submit up to (5) designs. The entry requires a presentation board with design swatch and mapping onto the bedding products. Our bedding board template should be used to submit your designs.  Click HERE to access the template. Designs should be submitted in TIFF or JPEG format with a minimum DPI of 150 and maximum DPI of 300.


• The entry form must be submitted with entry fees paid on the registration page on the LeighDeux website. 
• Once your registration is received, you will receive an email confirmation.  
• Access your design template (HERE) and follow the instructions on how to submit your designs. 
• Submit your design(s) to info@leighdeux.com by January 25, 2019
• Entry must include a 100-word description of their textile design and why they chose this particular direction.  You are primarily targeting the college market and young women, so keep in mind what trends will appeal to this demographic.
• Entries will be judged by a professional panel of textile and design experts
• Each entry will be judged on the following:
• Level of creativity — 25%
Design shows originality and creativity reflecting the use of alpaca fiber.
• Visual appeal — 25%
Overall appeal of the design and its friendliness for application on bedding
• Commercial viability for the home and/or dorm market — 30%
Ease with which the design could be produced and appeal to a consumer market.
• Illustration and rendering ability — 10%
Ability to communicate the design concept (including mood, proportions, scale) and fabric appearance (i.e., texture and utilization) through illustration.
• Awareness of contemporary design trends — 10%
Design reflects current consumer taste levels for color, texture, and detail.


• 5% royalty on each sale of your collection for one year
• Affinity Collection named for or by the designer 
• Collection featured on the LeighDeux website, in marketing publications, and on social media
• Complimentary collection with all products made from your design

Guidelines for the contest: 
• Designs should be submitted in our custom template. Click here. 
• Each in-template design should include an additional close-up image of the fabric design.
• All Image submissions should be no larger than 5MB, and image resolution should be 300 DPI.
• Acceptable file formats are JPG, TIFF.
• Print designs must be both unlicensed and undistributed at the time of submission
• The winning fabric design will be produced on one or more LeighDeux products depending upon the winning design execution. Designs could be featured on bedding, pillows, blankets, towels or cubes. 
• The winning design will become the intellectual property of LeighDeux for one full year. After that year you are free to use your designs elsewhere. 
And now, the rules:
• All entries must be submitted via email to info@leighdeux.com
• You may enter up to 5 textile designs. Each design requires it’s own registration. Registration for each design is $45. For each design, please remember to include both in-template sketches and close-up images of the fabric.
• Entries should include the following additional files: 1) A description or visual representation of your inspiration for each textile design, and 2) Completion of this document, which includes a Copyright Assignment Agreement for you to sign.
• Sketches and accompanying files may be submitted up until 11 PM on JANUARY 25, 2019
• Fabric designs will be judged on marketability, produce-ability, print creativity, and how well they fit with the LeighDeux aesthetic.
• With your submission(s), please include your first and last name as you'd like to see it appear for press announcements, social media and website promotion. Feel free to tell us anything else about your sketches, including how you'd style your LeighDeux design if produced with your fabric design.         
• The winner will be announced via press release, the LeighDeux website www.leighdeux.com and on any relevant social media.
• One winning textile design will be chosen.
• The winning design will be produced and sold on LeighDeux.com, and feature the fabric designer’s name on the collection, on the website, and in social media.
• Contestants under 18 must have a parent or guardian write a letter of consent.
• Currently, this contest is only open to U.S. citizens and permanent legal residents.

• Click here to access the design template and product mapping tools. 
• Submit your designs to info@leighdeux.com by January 25, 2019.
• Finalists will be announced via newsletter and social media on February 1, 2019. 
• Winning designs will be selected by a panel of professional textile and design experts.
• For questions, email us at info@leighdeux.com
• What happens if you win? 
High fives all around, but also:
Your design prominently featured on leighdeux.com and your name marketed broadly across our website and social media. 
The winner(s) will receive a time-limited licensing fee for one year. By submitting your design to this competition we do not own it unless you win!  But it should not be submitted to any other competitions.  By signing our release when you register, you consent to send us a unique design that has never been used before and is not currently being produced anywhere else in the marketplace.  
Once we receive your registration, you will receive a template and submission directions via email. Please submit your design(s) using the provided template to info@leighdeux.com
I certify that I am at least 18 years of age; that the above information is true; that all the work submitted (my Entry Design) is my original creation of design and composition; that I have the full right, title and ownership interest in and to the copyright of my Entry Design; that I have read and complied with all the rules of the competition, have committed no fraud or deception in entering the competition or in claiming any royalties, and obtained competition materials through authorized, legitimate channels; that I understand that I am entitled to receive only the 5% royalty on sales tied to products made from the winning design, that royalties are non-transferable, and that no substitutions will be made except at the sole discretion of LeighDeux or as provided in the competition rules.
In consideration for the awarding of the royalty and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are hereby acknowledged, I hereby assign all rights, including without limitation all copyright, trademark, trade dress, patent, and other intellectual property rights, in and to my Entry Design to LeighDeux and its successors and assigns for one year with the option to extend at yearly increments. I understand that LeighDeux and its successors and assigns can use my Entry Design per se or to prepare derivative works for commercial use and that I will not be additionally compensated for such use.
I give my consent to LeighDeux and its agents, successors, and assignees to use my name, school name, hometown, voice, likeness, photograph, and/or statements regarding the competition in any and all advertising and promotional materials relating to LeighDeux the competition, and similar competitions which may be offered by LeighDeux in any and all media, including on the Internet, in tweets, and on the LeighDeux Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook page, without territorial, time, use or other limitation, all without further obligation to me. I waive any right I may otherwise have to approve such use of my name, school name, hometown, voice, likeness, photograph, and/or statements; I waive any right of privacy or publicity that I or my heirs or assigns may have therein; and I release LeighDeux and its agents, successors and assignees from any claim or liability arising out of any distortion which may arise in the reproduction of my name, school name, hometown, voice, likeness, photograph and/or statements.
I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes associated with my receipt of any prize in connection with the competition. I recognize that I may seek an independent counsel to determine the full extent of my tax liability under state or federal laws and regulations.
I agree to return immediately upon demand to LeighDeux any prize that has been or may be awarded to me if any statement made by me regarding the competition is found to be false.
I understand that my Entry Design will not be returned; that submissions to this competition are property of LeighDeux and may be altered to allow for maximum use by LeighDeux as long as content and intent of design are not altered; that LeighDeux is not responsible for unauthorized duplication or use by third parties on the Internet; that application or entry into the competition does not guarantee an award or prize or recognition; that LeighDeux is not responsible for any lost or incomplete entries; and that all decisions made by judges are final and may not be disputed.
I hereby waive and release, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and personal representatives, any and all rights, claims, causes of action, damages, liability, costs, attorneys’ fees and expenses whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of my participation in the competition, my acceptance and utilization of any prize that I may win in the competition, and LeighDeux's use of any of the rights herein assigned to it or by which I have herein consented to its use or that I have herein waived or released, and includes, without limitation, personal injury, property damage, and death; or arising from the action or inaction of any persons not directly employed by or under the direct control of LeighDeux
For the purpose of the assignment, waiver, and release, “LeighDeux" includes its affiliates, officers, directors, owners, employees, agents, and attorneys, and their successors, assigns, heirs, executors, administrators, and personal representatives.
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